Thailand is graced with abundance of types of art. Thai performing art is well accepted in the international level because of its elegance and uniqueness. KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha is thus originated in order to express to witness of foreigners the Thai dramatic art competence. Siam Pic-Ganesha also aims to cultivate in the hearts of Thai people the awareness to cherish the Thai culture as the root of the nation.
 The rationale behind the Center’s name is the combination of the associated attributes.

Siam is from Siam Square, the location of the Center, Bangkok’s hub of lifestyle of all walks of life
Pic-Ganesha is the name of King Rama V, the inspirational figure of Thailand’s first university, Chulalongkorn, when he was young. Furthermore, it is also the name of the deity of arts and sciences.
KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha thus becomes the new center of performing arts in the middle of the city. KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha is the center of all dimensions of art form; play, concert, Khon, ballet, talk show, live show including traditional and cultural performing arts.

The Center comprises of
1) The Theater – the 1,069-seat theater with stage, stall, circle and boxes.
2) The Playhouse – the 200-seat area with carpeted floor
3) Rehearsing Studio – 84 sq.m. area with wooden floor